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Committee Chairman

Prof. Gary Entrican
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Moredun Research Institute
Pentlands Science Parks
Bush Loan
Penicuik, near Edinburgh
EH26 0PZ
Scotland, UK
Tel: ++44 131 445 5111
Fax: ++44 131 445 6235
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Other Committee Members

Past Chair: Wayne R. Hein (Australia)

Eva Wattrang (Treasurer, IUIS VIC), Joan Lunney (USA; Chair, IUIS VIC Toolkit), Keith Ballingall (UK; Chair, IUIS VIC MHC Sub-Committee), Dirk Werling (Chair, EVIG/EVIS), Chieko Kai (Japan; Chair, JVIS), Susan Eicher (USA; President, AAVI), Gerald Chege (FAIS), Isabel Kinney Ferreira de Miranda Santos (Brazil; ALAI), Mirta Arrestegui (ALAI), Hirohide Ueneshi (Japan; FIMSA), Andrew Bean (IVIS 2016 Organiser), Xiaomei Wang (IVIS 2019 Organiser).


The integration of IUIS VIC activities with veterinary immunology research and other networking initiatives is explained in a recent webinar on immunological correlates of protection in ruminants that was delivered by Gary Entrican. The webinar can be access here


What is the VIC ?

The Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC) promotes and coordinates the interests of the international veterinary immunology community. A notable feature of veterinary immunology is its diversity – it encompasses a wide range of domesticated and wildlife animal hosts which are affected by disparate pathogens and immunological conditions.

As a scientific discipline, veterinary immunology traverses topics ranging from fundamental studies on how the immune system functions to more applied areas such as production of vaccines and clinical applications of immunology. The main activities of VIC include:

  • Promote veterinary immunology
  • Assist with the planning and funding of International Veterinary Immunology Symposia (IVIS) – these are held every three years as satellite meetings of the International Congress of Immunology;
  • Coordinate databases containing information of interest to veterinary immunologists;
  • Sponsor and support regional workshops and conferences;
  • Coordinate the development of a toolkit of immunological reagents suitable for use in animals of veterinary interest;
  • Administer the Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist Award.

Sub-committees and working groups with a specialised focus are established from time to time to assist VIC.

The Veterinary Immunology Committee is composed of 5-8 veterinary immunologists, co-opted with the aim of achieving equitable representation for different regions of the world. There is no formal election process for membership. A Chairperson and members are selected as needed at VIC meetings held at each International Veterinary Immunology Symposium. Members usually remain in office for two succeeding three-year terms.

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Veterinary Immunology Keystone Meeting 2015


Bursaries for Keystone meeting and the report in Jan 2015.

You can also find the symposium of the keystone meeting.

The notes from Keystone with  the pictures of this report below.

Find attached the travel report.


Keystone Bursaries in May.

Guidelines and report

New AVMA Guidelines for Euthanasia of Animals extlink have been released.

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