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In April 1995 the IUIS signed an agreement for the University of Maryland's Albin O. Kuhn Library to act as a repository of the Union's archives. The Library also holds the archives of several large professional organizations with related interests: The American Association of Immunologists, the American Type Culture Collection, the American Society for Cell Biology, the Society for Developmental Biology, the American Society for Microbiology, and the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

The records of the IUIS currently occupy about 16 linear feet in some 39 boxes. They currently cover the period 1966 - 2000 and document the origins of the Union, its growth in membership and committees and the development of the International Congresses of Immunology. These records have been organized into five series: Officers and Council, Membership, Meetings, Committees, and Affiliated Organizations.

The Library provides safekeeping for the files, has organized the files, and completed a "finders guide" (directory) which is now available on the internet:

Digital collection of IUIS Council meeting minutes, 1970-2011:

List of council Minutes  2008-2014:

1. 2008 Council in Taipei

2. 2009 Council in Egypt

3. 2011 Council in Washington DC

4. 2012 Council in Lima

5. 2013 Council in Milano

6. 2014 Council in Nairobi

Previous International Congresses of Immunology (1971-2016)

  1. Washington, DC (USA) August 1-6, 1971
    Host Society: American Association of Immunologists
    Scientific Registrants: 3400
    Publication: Progress in Immunology I, Academic Press NY, B. Amos
    (Ed) 1554pp.
    Commemorative plaques were awarded to J.R. Marrack, M. Heidelberger, F. Haurowitz, P. Grabar and F.M. Burnet
  2. Brighton (UK) July 21-25, 1974
    Host Society: British Society for Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 4500
    Publication: Progress in Immunology II, North Holland Publishing
    Company, Amsterdam: L. Brent, J. Holborow (Eds) 2023pp.
  3. Sydney (Australia) July 3-8, 1977
    Host Society: Australian Society for Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 1600
    Publication: Progress in Immunology III, Aust. Acad. Sci. (dist. by N. Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam), T.E. Mandel (Ed) 850pp.
  4. Paris (France) July 21-26, 1980
    Host Society: French Society of Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 5000
    Publication: Progress in Immunology IV ("Immunology 80") Academic Press, Inc. London, M. Fougereau and J. Dausset (Eds) 1279pp.
  5. Kyoto (Japan) August 21-27, 1983
    Host Society: Japanese Society for Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 3632
    Publication: Progress in Immunology V, Academic Press, Japan, Inc. Y. Yamamura and T. Tada (Eds) 1640pp.
  6. Toronto (Canada) July 6-11, 1986
    Host Society: Canadian Society for Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 6142
    Publication: Abstracts, National Research Council of Canada, Progress
    in Immunology VI. Academic Press, Inc., Orlando, Florida, USA.
    B. Cinader and R.G. Miller (Eds)
  7. Berlin (Germany) July 30-August 4, 1989
    Host Society: Society for Immunology (FRG)
    Scientific Registrants: 6523
    Publication: Abstracts, Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart. Progress in Immunology VII, Springer-Verlag, Berlin
  8. Budapest (Hungary) August 23-30, 1992
    Host Society: Hungarian Society for Immunology
    Scientific Registrants: 4652
    Publication: Abstracts, Progress in Immunology VIII, Springer Verlag, Berlin
  9. San Francisco (USA) July 23-29, 1995
    Host Society: American Association of Immunologists
    Scientific Registrants: 7725
    Publication: Immunology Highlights, Proceedings, Reports from the IXth International Congress of Immunology, The Immunologist 3, 168-281 (1995)
    J. Natvig and H. Cinader received awards for their distinguished service to IUIS
  10. New Delhi (India) November 1-7, 1998
    Host Society: Indian Immunology Society
    Scientific Registrants: 2385
    Publications: Abstracts, The Immunologist, Supplement 1 (1998) 664pp. Proceedings, Monduzzi Editore, Bologna, Italy (1998), G.P. Talwar, I. Nath, N.K. Ganguly and K.V.S. Rao. (Eds), 2 volumes, 1536pp. Highlights and Reports, The Immunologist (1999). Selected papers, Immunology Letters, I. Pecht (Ed).
    T. Tada, P. Nieuwenhuis, M. Sela, G.J.V. Nossal, H. Metzger, F. Melchers, R. Zinkernagel, P.C. Doherty, N.A. Mitchison, I. Verma, A. S. Fauci and K. James received awards.
  11. Stockholm (Sweden) July 22-28, 2001
    Host Society: Scandinavian Society for Immunology
  12. Montreal (Canada) July 18-23, 2004
    Host Society: Canadian Society for Immunology
  13. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) August 21-25, 2007 
    Host Society: Brazilian Society of Immunology/ Scientific Registrants: 3737
  14. Kobe (Japan) - August 22-27, 2010
    Host Society: Japanese Society of Immunology
  15. Milan (Italia) August 22-27, 2013
    Host Society: Italian Society of Immunology
  16. Melbourne (Australia) August 21-26, 2016
    Host Society: Australian Society of Immunology