Vaccine Committee (VAC)

What is the VAC?

Suggested activities of Vaccine Committee (VAC) are the following:

• Research Topic: Demographic changes in the population (aging society, obesity, chronic diseases etc) demand risk group targeted vaccine approaches: how shall we vaccinate risk groups? Immunological differences between prophylactic and  therapeutic vaccines- induction –reactivation of memory?

•Vaccine design for risk group vaccination – use of “vaccinomics” for development of more effective vaccines

•Research Position papers to difficult questions or controversially discussed topics (e.g. adjuvants and side effects; myths and reality etc)

•Guidelines and harmonization of recommendations for specific vaccination groups (e.g. vaccination under biologics etc)

•Improvement of vaccine topics through internet– state of the art (to neutralize the overflow of articles of vaccine deniers)

•Organization of vaccinology meetings once a year or every second year as stand-alone meeting or as satellite symposia to immunology meetings



Committee Chair:

Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt

Other Committee Members:

Marita Troye Blomberg: Member
Alan Aderem: Member
Else Marie Agger: Member
Rita Carsetti: Member
Thomas Evans: Member
Joanne Flynn: Member
Ricardo Gazzineli: Member 
Willem Hanekom: Member
Jan Holmgren: Member 
Ilkka Julkunen: Member
Ingileif Jonsdottir: proposed Member
Bali Pulendran: Member
Rino Rappouli: Member
Hedda Wardemann: Member















Early Career Research Prize in Vaccinology R&D:

Each year, this Prize of Excellence aims at rewarding significant achievements in Vaccines R&D in Europe. This includes the discovery of new vaccine antigens, new vaccines design, understanding the basics of immune responses, new technologies that will improve the future of vaccines and vaccination and that are supported by proof-of-concept data (preclinical and clinical). READ MORE



List of reports:

2017 Annual Report